Our Mission, Vision and Values shape our culture, and our Statement of Faith describes what we believe:


‘Knowing Jesus and making Him known!’ 

Our heart is to know Jesus personally so that we can share the love and good news we experience with our local community. 


We see our church to be ‘missional’ at its core; going out to where people are and being Jesus to the community. We want to touch a lost and hurting world and bring the love, light, truth & grace of Jesus to all. We are always open to what God wants to do in our community.

We also see our church to be ‘incarnational’ at its core; getting alongside people, accepting and befriending, getting our hands dirty. We want people to have a sense of belonging and, being a part of a community; to be a part of a church that is vibrant, growing and full of people loving and following God. 


Our values are founded on love and service and should influence our personal behaviour and actions as a church: 

  • We value first and above all, loving and serving God.
  • We value loving and serving each other.
  • We value loving and serving the world.