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Coronavirus Update:

In the light of current Government advice on Coronavirus, we have taken the difficult decision to close all our physical Sunday Services, Connect Groups (including Knit & Natter and Craft Time) and Acorns for the foreseeable future. 

We now have Online Services (check out our YouTube page) and continue running Re:Store.

We encourage all of you to adhere to Government advice on self-isolation (individually or by household) and social distancing. If any of you in isolation need help e.g. shopping, prescriptions, etc., we have people that are willing to help – please get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this page.

We will continue to update you further once we know any more regarding any of the above.

The Oaks Leadership x

In Short…

We started as a small youth group, hosted and led by Ken & Kath Tune in their home. Sometime after this, a few were baptised in a local swimming pool and started to consider the group as ‘church’, and in 1978, the church was born.

Initially, the church grew mostly with younger people, but soon families were added to us and a few older people too. Today, we have over 150 people of all ages and backgrounds, across two communities in Dronfield and Eckington.

Life Stories


“In October 2015, I started being ill with chest pains and a chest infection. During some blood tests, it was discovered that my antibodies were attacking my thyroid. I was referred to the hospital where the decision was made to remove half the thyroid. 

Moving forward to February 2016, I went into the hospital for a fairly routine operation to have half a thyroid removed. The morning after surgery, the surgeon came to explain that, during surgery, he accidentally cut through my vocal chord. The implication of this was that I only now had a slight whisper of a voice which, even at this point, was more than he expected. Consequently, I needed intensive speech therapy, and the original problem I went to the doctors with was now getting overlooked.

I felt straight away, when the surgeon broke the news, that God was going to use this in my life and would heal me.

The next few months were not easy at all. I couldn’t go back to work initially, because it was extremely difficult to communicate and be involved in a lot of activities. I was having weekly speech therapy and still having to go for appointments with the ENT. I was regularly receiving prayer for God to restore my voice but nothing was happening.

August bank holiday arrived and we went with other people from our church to a Christian event that ran over the weekend. There was a speaker there from Africa who God used for praying for the sick to get well again. I was extremely disappointed that I came out of the meeting exactly the same. No voice. I whispered to friends that I was extremely angry at God.

To be really honest, by this stage I still believed I would be well again but also I wasn’t well, psychologically, at all and was visiting a health psychologist. BUT, all was about to change… in September, someone in the church felt strongly that they needed to pray for healing, for me to get well and so they did. 

By the time I went back to the hospital in the October, I had a voice. I walked into the surgeon’s room, he asked how I was, my response, with a voice, was “I’m fine thank you”. His head lifted with his mouth open in utter amazement. He responded, “You’re a Christian aren’t you?”. I replied “Yes”. He then said, “Do you believe in healing?”. Of course, my answer was “I certainly do”. He was out of his seat, so excited. It turns out he is a Christian and he wanted to know my story, and so I shared my journey that I’ve shared here. He asked if he could out of interest use the camera to have a look. On my medical notes, he wrote ‘miracle’. He said, “You do know, medically, you can’t have a voice?”

Onto speech therapy, a wonderful supportive speech therapist, who again, when heard me speak, said, “You know medically you can’t ever get your voice back?”. My response was “I know, but I believe in a God who heals”.

So now, four years on, I have recently been back to the ENT where they put the camera down into my throat and said “Do you know your vocal chord doesn’t move at all?”. 

I thank God for having a voice.”


“I have been fighting a life-threatening disease for the last 20 years but didn’t recognise it myself for about the first 5 or so years.

It is a disease that people didn’t really recognise or accept then, but thankfully they do now. I have been suffering from clinical depression which has led me into some very dark places nearly taking my own life on two separate occasions.

If it wasn’t for the extra support from fellow Christians at the Oaks Community Church and the love they have shown in praying for me and with me, I’m not certain that I would be writing this now.

God has brought healing into my situation, sometimes by lifting me when I need it and speaking to me at the darkest moments and sometimes by putting the right person close at hand to talk to.

I still have depression but feel that I am now climbing out of it and starting to remember who I was before this started. I know that God is with me and when I remember to ask for Jesus’ help he is always there.

I don’t know how others cope with hard times like this if they don’t have a faith in God or the support of great friends around them, all I know is that I am thankful to God for keeping me alive to enjoy my family and this wonderful world around me.”


“Some years ago, having had the opportunity to return to studying, I was living in Nottingham, but as the end of the course approached, I was accepted for a teaching post in London. This presented me with the task of finding somewhere to live but, having no experience of flat hunting and knowing nothing of the area, this was a daunting prospect. I remember telling God one Sunday morning, as I drove to church, that I had no idea what to do. Very clearly and distinctly the words came into my mind, “I go to prepare a place for you.” I knew this was God’s word to me, but I was so surprised at the words used as originally, they referred to heaven! I felt God had promised that he had the matter in hand but, as time was running short, I decided to try to get hold of a local newspaper to look for ads for flats to rent. I knew one family from Sheffield who had moved to London some years before and who I guessed must live relatively near to the area of my new school, so one Saturday morning I rang them, explained my situation and asked if they would send me a local newspaper. The answer came back, “It’s funny you should ring this morning. We’re just on our way out to a wedding and the lass who’s getting married has been living in the manse flat, so it’s vacant from today.” This ‘manse flat’, I was to discover, was a comfortable, ground floor, one-bedroom flat in a pleasant semi-detached house, with a Christian lady in the upstairs flat and it was just 10 minutes drive from my new school! God had indeed prepared a very lovely and convenient place for me.”

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