Re:Store is a local community project which aims to combat food waste and fight hunger! It is open to everyone, every Thursday, 9am – 10.30am.

If you’ve never been before, please come down to the back door of the Oaks to register.

A bag of shopping costs just £1 per household. Please bring a bag with you to pack your food into.

We operate a one-way system and we ask that you keep a safe distance from others, bring & use your own mask and hand sanitiser (if you have some), and please don’t come if you or anyone in your household has any Covid symptoms. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Re:Store? Where does the food come from?

Re:Store is a weekly community food service aiming to combat food waste and fight hunger. Food that is going to go to waste is gathered from a range of sources each week, including local supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, M&S, and Tesco, and from the charity FareShare.

Is it a food bank? Do I need to qualify for Re:Store? Am I taking food from people who need it?

Re:Store is not a food bank. Everyone is welcome. Entry is just £1 and you can come and have your shopping bag filled with (usually) short-dated food that supermarkets can no longer sell (even though it is perfectly fine to eat)! Sometimes the food isn’t short-dated, there was just an error when ordering it which led to too much stock.

Given the strange, uncertain times we’ve been living in, Re:Store has undoubtedly helped those in financial hardship. However, please believe us when we say that people who come to Re:Store aren’t taking food from people who need it! We always make sure people who need food (so long as we’re aware), get food! 

We always endeavour to help wherever we can, if people are in need, just as we usually would as a church community. We are here to serve our community and show them the love of Jesus. 

Will my food be out of date? What will I get in my bag?

All of the food we put out at Re:Store is checked by our volunteers so you’ll never get anything past a use-by date that would be unsafe for you to eat. Because we receive the delivery of food from a variety of sources each week, we can’t guarantee what items you will be able to have.

We believe that not having any qualifying criteria for Re:Store is best for everyone. Those who want to help save the environment can come and do that, and those who need food can come and get it and no one can tell the difference between the two!

Is there a cafe too?

Yes, the cafe is now back open and it is free! We serve hot drinks and biscuits/cake so stop by after you’ve been in to Re:Store for a cuppa and a chat.

Do you run a food bank too?

As well as running Re:Store, we act as a collection and distribution hub for New Hope Food Bank. If you need an emergency food parcel, please contact them on 0793 995 0713 to ask about a referral.

Sign Up

To sign up for Re:Store, simply pop down to the Oaks on a Thursday morning between 9 – 10.30am and we’ll get you signed up. The only details we will ask for are your name & email address.

in partnership with…

If you need an emergency food parcel, we also act as a distributor and collection point for New Hope Food Bank.

Please contact them on: 0793 995 0713 for more information on how to get a referral. 

If you would like to donate to our local community project Re:Store, please click the button below: