When you feel that pull in your heart, respond

Have you watched an episode of Oaks Online, been to a gathering or maybe you read one of our social media posts and feel the need to respond? Has something you heard/read really resonated with you and you have that feeling in the pit of your stomach prompting you to do something about it?

We believe that is the Holy Spirit prompting you to respond and take the next step.

Making a commitment to Jesus, whilst very simple, is a big, life-changing step. We would love to chat with you to help answer some questions you might have and to encourage you.

There is a form at the bottom of this page that you can fill out and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Prayer of Commitment

“Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for me. I’m sorry for where I have messed up in the past. Thank you for forgiving me. I turn to you and choose to follow you from this moment on. I follow you with all my heart and my mind. I believe in you and declare that you are now Lord of my life.


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