Pastoral Network

What is the Pastoral Network?

    • It draws together many of those with a ‘pastoral gifting’ across the church.
    • Both M&F
    • Across Dronfield & Eckington.
  • Approximately 15+ should be sufficient to create a vibrant team, but the more the better!
  • To be available to support &/or equip/train other church members when “one another” pastoral care is insufficient.
    • Much broader platform to meet emerging needs
    • Promotes “one another” ministry
    • Takes the Oaks back to the Church’s roots (e.g. Acts)
    • Invests pastoral skills across the church
  • Both sexes available; multi-person sub-teams
Training & Equipping:
    • Group training to regularly envision, encourage & train
  • Quarterly (covering SMT, personnel & Sunday Ministry Team member training)
  • Dates (all Sunday evenings) and venues are:
    25/11/18 @ OCC
    17/02/19 @ ELH
    12/05/19 @ OCC
    01/09/19 @ ELH
    24/11/19 @ OCC.

Who is a part of the pastoral Network?
Jenny Almond
Reg Almond
Richard Bull
Kathy Bestwick
Ali Chilvers
Mark Cook
David Dalton
Muriel Dalton
Elliot Dillon
Cherie Down
Mick Down
Janet Hardwick
Dorothy Higgins
Charlotte Jones
Sharon Jones
Jill Lang
Jane Mettam
Janet Morton
Gwen Plant
Sylvia Powell
Rachael Richardson
John Shaw
Stella Shaw
Elizabeth Smart

How do I get in touch?
Simply choose one of the Network and give them a call (personal contact details are found in ChurchSuite – See “Search for Others” in the main menu.)

How do I join the Pastoral Network?

Simply get in touch with either:

    • Charlotte Jones
  • Richard Bull