Our Leadership

Core Team (CT)

The Core Team is responsible for:

      • Governance


      • Strategic vision/direction


    • Equipping & Training

See Core Team’s portrait gallery

Richard Bull (Team Leader)


Steve Jones

Julia Fletcher


Linda Dillon


Simon Swift

Emma Bowden


Charlotte Jones

Janet Morton


Matthew Jordinson

Mark Cook

Robin Pillar


Elliot Dillon (DNA Y1 intern – Observer)

David Sharp (DNA Y1 intern – Observer)


The Directors are legally responsible as Directors & Trustees of a charitable limited company for:

    • Financial control and stability (Finance)
    • Health & Safety (H&S)
    • Employment of church staff (HR)
    • Oversight of the properties and assets of the church (Property)
    • Good organisational practice (Corporate Governance)

See Directors’ portrait gallery

Mattison (Chair; HR)

Jenny Almond (Treasurer; Finance)

Tim Wootton (Finance)

Ian Ringstead (H&S)

Mick Down (H&S)

David Chilvers (Property)

Karen Bull (Property)

Richard Bull (Corporate Governance)

Janet Morton* (Secretary to the Board of Directors; HR) (*Not a Director)

Community Leadership Team (CLT)

The CLTs are responsible for:

  • The spiritual life of the communities
  • The vision at community level
  • The organisation and production of Sunday meetings, home groups, children & youth work for their communities

Dronfield CLT

See Dronfield CLT’s portrait gallery

Julia Fletcher

Linda Dillon

Gwen Plant

Martin Filleul

Kathryn Filleul

Millie Wilby

Sami Thompson

Robin Pillar

Charlotte Jones

Emma Bowden

David Sharp (DNA Y1 intern – Observer)

Elliot Dillon (DNA Y1 intern – Observer)

Eckington CLT

See Eckington CLT’s portrait gallery

Liz Hagan

Ron Hagan

Steve Jones

Sharon Jones

Simon Swift

Cleo Swift

Rob Needham

Ministry Leads

See Ministry lead’s portrait gallery

Oaks Office Staff:

Janet Morton (Church Administrator)

Emma Bowden (Trainee Church Manager)

Rachael Richardson (Office)

Charlotte Jones (Children & Youth Worker)

Sandie Watson (Domestic)


Judy Heap (Debt Centre Manager)

Caren Taylor (LifeSkills Coach)

Janet Morton (LifeSkills Coach)

Richard Bull (Money Coach)

Karen Bull (Money Coach)

Oaks Creative Hub:

John Sutcliffe (Artistic Director)

DNA Y2 Trainees/Oaks Interns:

Charlotte Jones

Emma Bowden

DNA Y1 Trainees/Oaks Interns:

Elliot Dillon

David Sharp