Mission, Vision, Values…

Our mission:

Knowing Jesus and making him known.

Our vision:

Broadly, our vision is founded on four principles: –

  • Spirit-led
  • A sense of movement is necessary; the prophetic images of
    • “Gromit laying track furiously ahead of the train”               


    • “A sailing boat, that needs the keel in the water beneath it to steer; and the wind in it’s sails to power it”                                                                                                            
  • Practical
  • Coming from our identity as a church

We are looking to build a church that is both: –

  • Missional – going out to where people are, and
  • Incarnational – being Jesus to people, “getting our hands dirty”

Whose ethos is characterized by: –

  • Simplicty
  • Being a church for the “unchurched”
  • Attendership rather than membership
  • Personal growth

Where the leadership is: –

  • “APESTA” (apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, shepherding, teaching & administrative) giftings
  • Disseminated across the church
  • Open & transparent
  • Reproduces leadership character through mentorship

And where the ministries of the church are: –

  • In alignment with our mission & values
  • God ideas, not just good ideas
  • Speak of excellence
  • Bear fruit

And our growth is “deep & wide”:  –

  • Personal, in our love faith & obedience for Jesus
  • Relational, that we belong, value & maintain our friendships
  • Numbers, that we grow numerically as people get saved and area added to us
  • Influence, that we impact the society around us

Specifically: –

  • New multifunctional building
  • 3-6 congregations, 1 church
  • 300-350, including kids.
  • A vibrant, growing church full of people loving and following God.
  • “Maturity” – People able to spiritually feed themselves; serving both in and out of the church, hearing God, living in faith & obedience.
  • Every member released into their vision…
  • An age spread across the spectrum.
  • Different leadership model that’s Missional, incarnational & messianic, and apostolic approach.
  • APESTA (Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic as much as Shepherding, Teaching +/- Administration) in both church leadership, AND in ministry groupings (e.g. life groups)
  • Engaging & seeing everyone fired-up for God.

Our values: